Data DeadBolt D1000


The D1000 A/B Switch connects port A or port B to a Common(C) port through latching or non-latching relays or fiber optic switch mechanisms. Latching units maintain the connection state with or without power. Non-Latching units will switch to port A with power loss and remain in A when power is restored.

All Models allow manual control of the connection state through pushbuttons on the front, and include a 6 position terminal block on the rear for remote status and control via external dry contact closure. The Serial RS232 models have a DB9 serial port to control and monitor the connection state. The Ethernet models have a 10base-T port on the front which allows remote control and monitoring using a web browser, telnet, SNMP or SwitchCenter GUI application.

  • DB9, Cat6, singlemode fiber and multimode fiber models
  • Monitor & control access to networks remotely
  • Cat-6 and Fiber models support any data format, protocol or speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Automate the backup of individual connections based on network path failureCat6 switch cards also support
  • HDBaseT connections including Power Over HDBaseT (POH) up to 100W.
  • Switch one HDBaseT source between multiple receivers/displays or one receiver/display between multiple sources.
  • Use as an HDBaseT air gap switch for secure access control for controlling POH displays or as an HDBaseT link selector switch for failover and sharing applications.