Embedded Business Dial-up Modems Model 2981

Embedded Business Dial-up Modems Model 2981

Product code: USR2981

£46.89 exc. VAT
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Product information:

Designed for Machine to Machine communications, where reliability is important. Supporting data communications up to 56k bps, these modems are ideal for telemetry and management data.

1. Controller-based (hardware) modem 
a. Handles all communication processing tasks for faster throughput
b. Windows and Linux compatibility for greater usages

2. Excellent Reliability for unlimited number of uses
a. High quality components ensures reliable data transport for important applications
b. Perfect for use embedded into ATM’s, Point-of-Sale, Lotto Machines, Medical Equipment etc.

3. Stay connected under even the worst line conditions with our exclusive USRobotics Line Probing Technology – no other brand has it!

4. Software Upgradeable
a. Once a solution is in place, you can upgrade the firmware to ensure this modem will continue to meet your changing needs

Customer Benefits
1. Less requirements on the host system since the modem has complete support of ALL modems functions internally
2. Faster time to market with a simple AT command interface driving the modem without the need to write complex drivers aiding time to market for the host system.
3. Full remote software upgrades via PCI channel reduces costs when in the field
4. Knowledge learnt on one host platform can be reused again due to the wide support of voltages, card profiles and operating systems (Windows and Linux) with a single modem
5. Approvals for phone connections are easy since the modem handles all line conditions internally and is pre-approved for US or Europe depending on the model.

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