CletopS Type B

CletopS Type B

Product code: 14110601

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Product information:

The CLETOP-S fibre optic cleaning cassette builds on the success of its predecessor to give world class cleaning performance at exceptionally competitive cost efficiency. Designed to suit operators, production engineers and buyer alike, the CLETOP-S offers: -
Rugged, Ergonomic Design
Slide open lock which offers easier access to replacement reels
Integrated replacement cartridge offers quicker, easier reel change
Central push button operation offers ease of use for left handed and right handed operators
Moulded plastic design makes it more cost effective than ever
Anti-static body and replacement cartridge
With it’s cleaning performance, ruggedness, and cost effectiveness, the CLETOP-S is the professional choice.

The CLETOP-S does away with cleaning fluids such as isopropyl alcohol which are not only toxic and flammable, but also leave a residue on the fibre ends after cleaning. The CLETOP-S cloth is extremely effective in the removal of oil, grease, dust and other contaminants from ferrule surfaces.
Dirt can cause pits and scratches on the ferrule end-face
Dirty connectors may damage their mated counterparts
Dirt can increase attenuation
Dirt can increase digital bit error rates
Dirt can reduce bandwidth
Wiping the surface with a conventional 15 micron fibre cloth leaves a trail of dirt behind.
The 2 micron fibre of the CLETOP-S cloth lifts all dirt through capillary action, trapping the dirt in the “micro pockets” inside the cloth.

Life time over 400 wipes per replacement reel
Size: 125 mm x 90 mm x 43 mm
CLETOP-S B-Connector Types: MU, MT, LC, Biconic, MPO (without pin), MT-RJ (without pin)

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