PATCHBOX System and Cassettes


Keep your rack forever organized with our innovative cable management system. Simply retract unused cables or overlength back into the cassette to keep a better overview and simplify your network cabling. The Patchcatch, our 0RU cable manager alternative, helps you to manage your cables. Unlike conventional cable managers it does not waste a single rack unit, allowing you to use up to 50% more space in your rack.

Modular System

You can swap cassettes within seconds.

Cable Colors

Allows you to visually separate different applications from each other.

Cat.6a Cables

Tested to ISO/IEC 11801 Ea Class and ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 Cat 6A Channel standards.

Fiber Optic Cables

OS2 and OM4 made with Corning® fibers.

Power over Ethernet

Power your devices with PoE (STP: PoE / UTP: PoE++ Type 3).

3 different cable lengths

0.8m covers 8RU, 1.8m covers 30RU and 2.5m covers 46 RU.

Patented Pulley Mechanism

Stores the excess length of the patch cables in the cassette.

5-Year Warranty

On the PATCHBOX Plus+ and 365 - also applies to the cables.