R5000 Series Switch

The R5000 Series switching system supports a variety of switching and control applications in a compact chassis. Standard switch cards have RJ45, DB15 or DB25 connectors plus Fibre Optic options are also available, this enables you to mix different types of switch cards like Ethernet and RS232, in the same rack. The A/B switch cards and switch controller have been designed for new installations and can also be cascaded from existing 5000-RM series switches. Advanced firmware design helps you extend your existing switch chains beyond the 1024 card limit while maintaining the features and operation of present installations. The fibre optic card option features an all-optical, full duplex fibre optic switch that supports signals from 740 to 1450 nanometers with only 1.5 dB of loss at 1300 nm (includes connector losses). They are transparent to data rates and formats – unlike many “similar” products. Activating the switch forces the spherical mirror to rotate, redirecting the optical beams. This ensures high isolation and makes it an ultimate fibre optic fall-back switch. The new R5000 series A/B switch connects the I/O port to port A or port B through latching telecommunication relays. The cards slot into a 2U (3.5” high) 19-inch rack. The rack has 18 slots, two of which are used by a power supply. You can add a second power supply for redundancy. The rack can hold 15 A/B switch cards and an A/B Switch Controller card with one power supply installed (or 13 if the optional redundant PSU is used). Each A/B switch card can be individually switched and the entire rack can be switched from the A/B Switch Controller card. The A/B switch controller card has a keyed switch to enable and disable switching from this rack. Racks can easily be daisy-chained to control multiple units from a single rack.