Code Operated

Code Operated Switch

Switching serial communications between a master port and up to 8 subordinate ports.

The SCAS002, SCAS004 and SCAS008 are three models of Code Activated Switches designed to switch serial communication devices between a master port and up to eight subordinated ports. The master device (CPU/Terminal) can select any of the eight subordinate ports (printers/modems/terminals) by transmitting the proper control and switch address code. While the communication link is established, all other ports are locked out until either the master port or selected subordinate port sends the selected switch code. With the SCAS004 and SCAS008 the communication link can also be made by any of the subordinated devices selecting the channel while the switch is in the SWITCH TIME (unlocked) mode. This is one of the most flexible RS-232 compliant data switches in the industry. 4 and 8 channel modes come in stand-alone or EIA rack-mounted configurations. The CAS supports most modem protocols and uses standard ASCII or extended ASCII switching codes. The CAS can be configured to accept hardware switch control on modem connect and disconnect as an added security feature. Transparent mode makes the CAS ignore all arming characters while data transmission is in progress. A selectable timeout delay allows the CAS to accept another arming character after the preset timeout expires. User selectable features include: word length, bit rate, stop bits, DCE/DTE, Xon/Xoff mode, graphics, arming character, transparent mode, inactivity timeout, default power-up and lockout.