KVM Draws

KVM Drawers provide an easily accessible screen, keyboard and mouse to allow switching between different PC's or servers. They are very neat, taking up only one or two U and ensure that access is always possible.


The KVM drawer can be ordered as simply a screen, keyboard and mouse to be connected directly to any device or with a KVM switch ready installed at the rear. A Sun option is available that has a fully Sun compatible keyboard with the extra keys.


Screen Size

Select screen size, smaller will be neater and is fine if it will not be used very often. Larger may be better if used frequently and may be easier to view.


This is the interface for the systems to be connected to the KVM. Select IP to allow remote access via IP for remote support.

KVM Switch ports

Choose from 8 or 16 port integrated KVM switch.



Select 1U or 2U for options in the required size.

Mouse Style

Trackpad is a simple flat pad or the Trackball is a small ball mounted in the drawer to drive the mouse.