Fibre Adapters, attenuators

Fibre Adapters can simply be couplers with 2 interfaces the same or they can convert from one physical interface to another. Attenuators are used to lower the power of any optical output. They are used to reduce power to correctly match the transmit and receive characteristics of products when necessary.


Fibre Optic Attenuators
Fibre optic attenuators are used in the fibre optic communications to reduce the optical fibre power at a certain level, the most commonly used type is female to male plug type fibre optic attenuator, it has the optical fibre connector at one side and the other side is a female type fibre optic adapter, fibre optic attenuator name is based on the connector type and the attenuation level. For instance,an LC 5dB fibre optic attenuator means this attenuator uses LC fibre optic connector and it can reduce the optical fibre power level by 5dB.
The ability of any fibre optic system to transmit data ultimately depends on the optical power at the receiver. Either too little or too much power will cause high bit error rates. Too much power, and the receiver amplifier saturates, too little and noise becomes a problem as it interferes with the signal. This receiver power depends on two basic factors: how much power is launched into the fibre by the transmitter and how much is lost by attenuation in the optical fibre cable plant that connects the transmitter and receiver. Attenuators are commonly used in fibre optic communications, either to test power level margins by temporarily adding a calibrated amount of signal loss, or installed permanently to properly match transmitter and receiver levels.

Fibre Optic Adapters Couplers
Can be used to interconnect cables for extension. To interface between different types of fibre connector and can also be panel or plate mounted to maintain a safe demarcation point between infrastructure fibre and patch cords.


Fibre Connector
The choice of fibre connector will normally be determined by the cabling or equipment being used. If you are having any difficulty identifying the required type please click live help to speak to one of our engineers who will be happy to assist.


Is a single fibre connection and can be used for uni directional traffic or where the transmit and receive are sent at different frequency such as BetterBox single strand media converters.
Is two fibre connections and commonly used where there is a separate transmit and receive path.