Face Plates and Back boxes Extended Cat 5e, Voice and Data, RJ45

By combining back boxes, face plates and modules, it is possible to provide Cat5E, voice or ISDN outlets at the required point.


The kit comprises a faceplate and has 3 x Cat5E modules fitted. Normally only 2 modules can be fitted into a single module so this can be a great space saver.


A single face plate will hold up to two modules and a double will hold up to four modules. Blanks are half the width of a module and so would be ordered in pairs. A single module mounted into a single face plate would use a blank on either end to centre it in the face plate. Similarly, three modules mounted in a double module would use a blank at either end to centre them in the face plate. As well as Cat5E modules, voice and ISDN modules are available to allow distribution of these services.