Data Cabinets

Data cabinets are the most common size and type of computer room cabinets. They are floor standing and typically range from 15U all the way up to a full height 47U cabinet. Two standard widths are available, 600mm is the standard with 800mm available to allow for cable management. The same two depths are available with again 600mm being the more common and the 800mm deep unit for larger heavier equipment.



The cabinet height is measured in Rack Units or U with 1U being 1.75” (44.445mm) high. The U measurement given is the internal usable size for mounting products into the cabinet. The overall height of the cabinet will therefore be greater than the U height.



This is the overall width of the cabinet. Typically, cabinets are 600mm wide which allows for a small gap at each side of the 19” rackmount products when mounted. 800mm wide cabinets are available to allow for better cable and power management.


Data cabinets come in two depths, 600mm or 800mm. It is important to ensure that the correct size cabinet is purchased to suit the equipment being mounted. Small items such as patch panels are very shallow and don't need much space, however some items such as routers and switches are often deeper and so require a greater depth.