Cabinets Wall Mounted

Wall mounted cabinet are smaller than their floor standing counter parts. They can be very useful for small amounts of equipment and often used as distribution type of cabinet in offices. Being wall mounted, they can often be placed high on a wall, saving important floor space.


The cabinet height is measured in Rack Units or U with 1U being 1.75” (44.445mm) high. The U measurement given is the internal usable size for mounting products into the cabinet. The overall height of the cabinet will therefore be greater than the U height.



Wall mount cabinet depths vary from around 300mm in depth up to 550mm. It is important to ensure that the correct size cabinet is purchased to suit the equipment being mounted. Small items such as patch panels are very shallow and don't need much space, however some items such as routers and switches are often deeper and so require a greater depth.

Cabinet Type

Hinged cabinet are simple open frames that are hinged at the front to allow rear access to mounted equipment

Fixed cabinets are simply the wall mount cabinet with a pair of fixed 19” front profiles.

Swing Frame cabinets are a full cabinet but the 19” profile inside swings forward for better access to the rear of mounted equipment.

Flat Pack cabinets are available for easier transport when required.