Interface & Protocol Converters

Interface and Protocol Converters

Protocol Converters are devices that allow users or system integrators to convert a standard or proprietary communications protocol to a protocol more suitable to the application at hand and thus to achieve interoperability between systems. As an example, if you need to connect an IBM mainframe to a DEC mainframe you will need to use a Protocol convert of some sort.

Interface converters are devices that allow users or system integrators to connect equipment with a physical interface to connect to equipment that uses a different type of physical interface. As an example, you will need to use an Interface converter if you have an RS-232 cable that needs to connect to a V.35 interface.

BetterBox offers a full range of Interface and Protocol converters for most applications, G.703, Fibre Optic, Coax, Twisted Pair, etc.

    • 10BaseT
    • Current Loop
    • E2
    • G.703
    • HSSI
    • IBM
    • Parallel
    • RS 232
    • RS 422
    • RS 449
    • RS 485
    • RS 530
    • TTL
    • V.24
    • V.35
    • V35
    • X.21
    • Accessory
    • Accessory Cables
    • Chassis \ module
    • Standalone
    • Tail end