Fiber Switch

Fibre Optic Secure Switches 

The FBRSW range of fibre optic secure switches is intended for the switching of one duplex host connection between two attached devices. An included 5 volt DC power module supplies drive power to the rotating mirror mount through a rotary switch located on the front panel of the unit.Connect the Host (shared) device to Port C. Connect one remote device to Port A and the second remote device to Port B. This full duplex switch supports separate transmit and receive paths and fibre pairs must be connected consistently. Setting the control knob to ‘A’ will route signals from Port C to Port A. Rotating the control knob to ‘B’ will connect signals from Port C to Port B. Both IN and OUT (Rx and Tx) connections are switched simultaneously. The unit may be left in a powered state indefinitely. It is not necessary to remove power from the unit when it is not in use. Note that power is applied internally to effect switching to Port B. Port C is connected to Port A when no power is applied to the switch. When using this device in fall-back mode, connect the fall-back link to Port A.

The FSW range of fibre optic switches designed to physically isolate network segments, access Private and Public Networks from a single PC while maintaining full isolation between both Networks, and to manually control Network traffic routing when trouble develops in a link. A front panel-mounted rotary switch provides direct positive control of fibre optic connections. This switch is suitable for Commercial-Grade applications.