Rittal are a very well known manufacturer of network and server cabinets.

They are able to provide high quality cabinets in many different heights and in varying widths to allow for proper cable management, and in various depths to allow for even the largest rackmount servers to be safely housed.


Networking and server racks and enclosures come without side panels to allow side by side mounting with cable access between. Side panels are available as an option for mounting at the end of a run of cabinets. Many other accessories are available such as fan trays, cable management bars, shelves, earth kits and more.


Network cabinet height is measured in Rack Units or U with 1U being 1.75” (44.445mm) high. The U measurement given is the internal usable size for mounting products into the cabinet. The overall height of the cabinet will therefore be greater than the U height.


Cabinet depths vary from around 600mm in depth up to 1200mm. It is important to ensure that the correct size cabinet is purchased to suit the equipment being mounted. Small items such as routers and switches are often only relatively light and are front mounted and so don't require a lot of depth. Modern servers can be very deep and heavy and so require the larger size cabinets and are mounted at both the front and the rear within the cabinet.



This is the overall width of the cabinet. Typically, cabinets are 600mm wide which allows for a small gap at each side of the 19” rackmount products when mounted. Wider width cabinets are available to allow for better cable and power management.


Most cabinets and accessories are available in Black or Grey.